Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Anna Maria Kardos

My practice is manifested in site-specific interventions at places operated by institutions. Aimed at localities we collectively inhabit, my work negotiates and reveals, activates and re-stimulates awareness for our immediate surroundings. Both, having lived in a very regulated societal system and worked in highly corporate environment makes me particularly aware and responsive to such context.

My work reflects on mechanisms of power that underlie the institutionalised everyday – authority, discipline and hierarchies that are embedded throughout. By subtle altering ambient factors such as floors or walls I heighten perception for how institutional environments impact our behaviour and routines. Likewise altered or animated interior such as chairs and tables reflect on the individual and the interpersonal, on seriality and the need to conform. Even though my work is concerned with significant collective issues, it calls on a playful-humorous tone. It encourages to improvise within what surrounds us institutionally every day.

Every work asks for a new composite of skills, materials and self-imposed rules. Whether extending and twisting a building’s own language or by letting interior resemble human qualities – each time it results in a one-off response. Some interventions reside as photographs. Some need the encounter in situ to connect to another layer: the viewer’s experience.

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