Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Joanna Steele

I am concerned with elevating the everyday object; highlighting the potential for the ordinary to echo the epic. My work makes no claim to be transitory, but instead focuses on the importance of memory and imagination.

The frame is vital to imagining the otherworldly landscape, but the work never negates the poverty of the material. Whether the grid of a map, the borders of a photograph or the location of instillation; my interpretation of the environment works within these constrains.

I rethink urban sprawl, both in its original purpose and material properties. Together they create the possibility to imagine, not only when faced with the art object, but also the way we see the world when we leave the exhibition. By the suggestion of accidental pleasure, within a new structured environment, I create a distorted utopia that lends itself to failure as well as aspiration.

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