Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sally O’Dowd - Black Gaffa Tape Experiment

A performance for the navigator, the Black Gaffa Tape Experiment is an investigation into ownership and marked territories. In a period of economic collapse and the insurgence of potential futures this performance intervention examines questions of choice and givens. Through audience participation, the viewer is encouraged to examine their position within the course-plotting of the future.

Within her practice Sally uses her body to investigate her position in the constructed human environment. Her social upbringing in rural Ireland in the 1980’s is the structural fabric from which she has developed a simple lyricism of ownership. She is interested in personal and collective histories and the navigation and ownership of place and space exploring these issues in paint, process based print and performance.  

Sally O’Dowd is an Irish-born visual artist and performer. In 2007 she received recognition as a young emerging artist from Cavan local council, Ireland and has since gone on to exhibit across Ireland and the UK. She currently lives and works in London.

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