Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mary Hadhad

‘Making Do With Symmetry’ is the third bulletin from a series of four by Mary Hadhad.

Four being a cultural choice of our ancestors to express certain geometric truths. 

Four square as in a cube. Four seasons as in the year. Our ancestors used to say; the four corners of the earth!

Yet ‘Making do with Symmetry’ suggests that in making do we still desire something more. 

While in making do, in putting up with and settling for what we have, we remain in ready to consider the new. Aren’t we humans something special?

As with Mary Hadhad’s two previous pieces ‘Making do with Symmetry’ also provides us with a bulletin, this one being ‘All that you know has escaped from your body’

Mary Hadhad’s sperm angles may have wings but they are of the earth. We should remember that this is a man defined earth expressed through words that escaped from man’s body. Generations and centuries of stories. It makes you wonder – doesn’t it? 

In ‘Making do with Symmetry’ everything has been named through language. 

Everything that man knows has come from man. Has escaped from his body.

Mary Hadhad’s sperm angle tells us that it is man that created God. 

It was man who created the word. The word that described the world and God with it!

The first bulletin read ‘I’ll Always Be True’.

The second: ‘None of them were lying….. They were just believing what they were told’.

The fourth is on its way. 


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