Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Photography is just one of the means explored in Diego Lombardi's wide freedom of expression. Through his unique eye, fascinated by surrounding reality in continuous movement, originates evocative work able to capture the spectator into a game of colours and emotions that his productions inspire.
Spontaneity, the most immediate characteristic of his ability to see reality from original viewpoints, derives from his desire to express himself and to conceive photography: none of his art has been shaped by academia, everything springs and lives in the most absolute naturalism, point of force by which it's easy to be seduced.
From his most intense shots one has the impression to look through a small opening on a different world, a reality forged over such strong sensations that it would be impossible to capture in any other way.
Lombardi’s works are developed on materials - such as Plexiglas or aluminium - carefully selected by the artist, and are integral part of the large critic and public success recently obtained in his last Roman expositions at the Chiostro del Bramante: Urban Normality and Codice 02.

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