Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Marianna Pulford & Rugina Mukid

Marianna Pulford and Rugina Mukid graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2008 where they formed the collaborative duo ‘(Un)tied’. 

“The nature of collaboration is central to our practice, where performing a spontaneous movement depends on trust, negotiation, and intuition. This continuous collaboration seeks to question and challenge the limitations of what constitutes a drawing, painting, or sculpture in the realm of performative art, but does not seek to refine the blurred boundaries between each medium.”      


Live performance

Marianna’s and Rugina’s recent performance involve brightly coloured thread sewn between parts of their bodies, which, through our movement, transforms into infinite shapes and abstractions.  Dressed in black, the artists imitate the mundane architectural features that there woolen sculptures utilised, acting as blank canvases to the thread. Each performance is led by intuition, as movements do not follow a set of rules; instead each artist converses sometimes in unison, sometimes in canon. 

Both artists are concerned with the idea of art outside the gallery context, and feel that the building site is an interesting place as it is now in the middle of a process, where it is no longer a conventionally inhabited space and not yet a ‘complete’ building for permanent use. 

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